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Welcome to Our New Products Specially for 66th Macau Grand Prix

Here are our latest products which will be available in our selling booth during 66th Macau Grand Prix between 14th-17th November 2019 -    64th Scales: Toyota Corolla LevinMacau Guia Race 1984 #23Albert Poon 潘炳烈Diecast Body with Display CaseRRP 170HKD$ Toyota AltezzaMacau Guia Race 2001 #11Nobuteru Taniguchi 谷口 信輝Diecast Body with Display CaseRRP 170HKD$

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Welcome to Our Collaboration Project with X Works Racing

We are excited to announce collaboration project with X works Racing. X works Racing is the first China Hong Kong Team which joined SUPER GT Championship. Their machine is a NISSAN GT-R NISMO GT3 with the wild purple, green and orange inspired by the EVA-01 mech from Neon Genesis Evangelion which is called Eva RT Test Type-01 X Works GT-R. We are breathtaking to announce that we will release this amazing Eva RT Test Type-01 X Works GT-R in 64th scale. We can (not) make it alone   64th Scale [SKU: MGT00090-L] - Diecast Body  RRP 169HKD$ Available: Targeted November 2019 

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Welcome to Our First Collaboration with AAPE by A Bathing APE

Hello Everyone, may I introduce you to our first Collaboration Project - The new Suzuki 4th Gen Jimny (JB74) with all over AAPE signature camo and features AAPE’s ‘Moon Face Logo’ in 18th and 64th scales Diecast Model! 18th Scale [SKU: BM18B0010] - Full Open Doors / Bonnet Individual Suspension for 4 Wheels Diecast Body  RRP 1790HKD$ Available: Targeted December 2019    64th Scale [SKU: BM64B0011] - Open Side Doors Diecast Body  RRP 139HKD$ Available: Targeted December 2019 

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